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*Soul Sisters*

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Its from the deep waters that we come.....


Pirates move on the water.
The element in which the primal feminine is at home.
It seems that at sea, women have the home advantage.
Women on board ships were either feared or regarded as bringers of luck.
Pirate women were considered especially dangerous, and accepted as
leaders at a time when women on land had been robbed of their rights and dignity.
We pirates set sail for new shores into a world of adventures.
Breaking out of structured obedience, preset orders and moral unities.
We plunge into unpredictability, danger, excitement, dance, song and everything that strong, free, cheerful action implies.
A pirate has developed her own kind of pirate life, determined by her self and no other.
Under the Jolly Roger, the black sea robber's flag, pirates show what it means
to live in a permanently actualizing process of individualization and liberation.
The love, loyalty and friendship that we have found in our pirate sisterhood springs from nothing less
than a serious attempt to find a form of life that can fulfill the piratical desire for truth and freedom.

"May our freak flag forever fly...for my strong Pirate sistahs and the men who love us that way."
Love Cree Summer, Pirate Honey Brown The Seductress of the Seven Seas/a.k.a. Our Lady the High Pimpstress

"Its from the deep waters that we come. 
And we are heartfelt and treacherous like those waters. 
We come with an unflinching devotion to the mystical and to God - representing life and embracing death."
--Pirate Freeda Bandita

"With weapons of mass seduction the pirates make love to the world"
Pirate Yoni Bologna The Wicked


'We belong where the mystic is strong'