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'Street Faerie'

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"Street Faerie"
Faerie is the sacred realm of the true magic.
& those who dwell therein know that the INTERDEPENDENCE of
all earthly things is nature itself far beyond explanation.
A world of wonder & a place of peril in the same instance.
Fantasy secretly protected yet openly velnerable. Faerie is
the ethereal existence made real to we mere mortals only when
we allow ourselves to become enchanted & in our enchantment
we become part of it......
The streets we know all too well. Their cacophany
   loudly proclaims the all too human ways of the lost and
   disenchanted & yet even here, amid the din. Faerie Folk
   can be found: Singing*Dancing*& chanting to the music,
   never losing hope no matter what the challenge taken.
   Being honor bound by love to never ever break the most
   sacred trust of oneness with the damily of Faerie.
The Tale Lives On
                               Thus we are blessed
                                    Iron buffalo
(Taken from Cree's Album)



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'We belong where the mystic is strong'