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*Soul Sisters*

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About Me :)
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Who is Kristina Moon?


Name: Kristina Moon
Birth Name: Christina Hebert
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: My background includes: Native American, Cajun, Irish, Dutch, & a little african American on both sides of my family.
Sun Sign: Aqarius
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Singing, Writing, Dancing, Learning, Gardening stuff, Dreaming, Sewing, Painting, Listeing to music, playing my Guitar & keyboard, etc.
Bad Habbits: Biting my nails when I get nervous, Getting angry too fast, etc.
Favorite Quote: With weapons of mass suduction, We'll make love to the world!"
Favorite Artist': Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Cree Summer, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, Joss Stone, Ray Charles, Alicia Keys, Gary Stadler, Lisa Marie Presley, Janet Jackson, etc.
Favorite Band': No Doubt, Nirvana, Jackson 5, Sly & The Family Stone, Earth Wind & Fire, etc.
Favorite Guitar Player: Jimi Hindrix
Favorite Drum Player: Cindy Blackman
Favorite Actors/Actress': Johnny Depp, Lisa Bonet, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams, Prince, Chris Tucker, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carey, Vin Disil,etc.
Favorite Movie's: Purple Rain, Pirates Of The Caribean, Blow, Finding Neverland, Chocalat, Edward Sissiorhands, Pochahontas,  Graffiti Bridge, Under The Cherry Moon, Follow The River, Dances With Wolves, Grey Owl, 8 Mile, etc.
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Soda: Root Bear
Favorite Colors: Purple, Green, Red, & Pink.
Favorite Crush: Johnny Depp
Favorite Musical Ablums: "Sign 'O' The Times" by:Prince, "Let Love Rule" by:Lenny Kravitz, "Street Faerie" by:Cree Summer, "Dangerous" by:Michael Jackson, "Mind Body & Soul" by:Joss Stone, "Emancipation" by:Prince, "Baptizm" by:Lenny Kravitz, "Mama Said" by:Lenny Kravitz, "Musicology" by:Prince, "Purple Rain" by:Prince, "Greatest Hits" by:Bob Marley, "Greatest Hits" by:Janis Joplin, etc. etc.
Favorite Books: "Flowers In The Attic" by:VC Andrews, "Behind you" by Jacqueline Woodson, "Born Blue" by Han Nolan, "Moonwalk" by:Michael Jackson, etc.


'We belong where the mystic is strong'