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Erica Michelle Maria Green. (Precious Doe)



If you have a poem, song, or anything else that you'd like to dedicate to Little Ericia please email me at & I'll post it here!

"Little Erica" by:Kristina Moon (The creator of this site)
She dosen't have to cry anymore,
She is not alone anymore.
She's as free as anybody could truly be.
The sun's always shining for her now,
Over her head are no more dark clouds.
She's in a place where she's loved now,
The only tears she cries are tears of joy now.
She loves to fly with the butterflies,
She loves to run with the horses.
She comes backs & visits the one who love her,
She's smiling when people gather in her honor.
She loves all the teddy bears & Balloons,
Little Erica is no longer in a mist of doom.
She dances the dance & sings the song,
Little erica is no longer alone.
She loves all the diffrent colored flowers,
She's taken on a journey that's even higher.
She's in a mutch better place,
Then this hell of earth.
I love you little ericia,
Know all that you're worth.

No worries will you every see now precious,
I'm so happy for you precious.