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Erica Michelle Maria Green. (Precious Doe)

Precious Doe', has been Identified!




The little girl who was murdered in 2001, has finally been identified. The little girl who was murdered, Beheaded, & then her body thrown on the side of the road & her head thrown in the woods is now known as Erica Michelle Maria Green. Her Mother & Stepfather have confesed to killing little erica, & are now charged with her murder. Till now the litlle 4 year old girl was simply known to the media as, Precious Doe. Every year at the nearby park where her body was discovered, The community held a vigil for the little girl. Now we all hope that little Erica can rest in peace.


This site is a Tribute to little Erica Michelle Maria Green: May she dance the dance in heaven, & run with flowers in her hair. Playing with the angels, & running with the butterflies. May she play in the sunshine, where 24/7 her smiles shine like the sun itself. May she sing her favorite song, with a voice so beautiful it makes the heaven's ring.

No worries will you every see now precious,
I'm so happy for you precious.